Using email_rfc822 with multiple recipients in the To and CC headers

Message Systems will support Carbon Copy (CC) functionality using the content.email_rfc822 field in the JSON payload going forward. 

Since there is currently little documentation on how to use email_rfc822, below you will find more detail and an example of using email_rfc822 with multiple recipients in the To and CC headers.


When using the “content.email_rfc822” field in the JSON payload:

  • All recipients must be listed in the recipient list.
  • The data in email_rfc822 is the fully formed message; this information will be in every message generated.
  • The CC header in email_rfc822 may contain multiple recipients.
  • BCC functionality is accomplished by including a recipient in the list who is not included in the TO or CC header in email_rfc822; do not include a BCC header in email_rfc822.

The sample transmission below will result in five (5) emails being sent. Each recipient will see two recipients in the To field and two recipients in the CC field:

    {"address":{"email”:”To Recip#1 <>”}},
    {"address":{"email”:”To Recip#2 <>”}},
    {"address":{"email”:”CC Recip#1 <>”}},
    {"address":{"email”:”CC Recip#2 <>”}},
    {"address":{"email”:”BCC Recip <>”}}
    ”to: To Recip#1, To Recip#2
    cc: CC Recip#1, CC Recip#2
    subject: email_rfc822 cc testing
    text: This is an example of including a CC and BCC header."